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Welcome! I'm an author and mixed media artist and I love to create colorful, whimsical, nonsensical art! The only thing I take seriously is my mission to make you smile!
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Traditional art

Mixed media in various sizes

Digital Art

Created with Procreate and Photoshop

Illustration ideas for a Wordless Picture Book

Side Projects

Toy Soldiers - a short film

Digital art for the film created in Artrage for iPad

Dog Harmony

Images from a STEM book about dog care created for my favorite NonProfit


Robin Wiesneth

I'm an author and mixed media artist living and working in Miramar Beach, FL.
I love character design, picture book illustration, and crazy pet portraits.
If you've got a project idea to help shelter pets, message me!


You can find me all over the web as "ABrushwithhumor" - see icons below.
Follow me to see what fun projects I'm working on.
Check out reproductions of my artwork on Fine Art America.
You can find my crazy Mermutts and Purrmaids here: Mermutts and Purrmaids

PDFs of Books for Review:

pandas adventure
woof cover

Click the image to view PDF